Networking and promotion of interests at the local level with information and training initiatives, networking for entrepreneurs, promotion of the local economy, studies and surveys.

The AHi Western Cape strives to unite, advise and inform all of our members. We provide our members with a 24/7 service center and keep our doors open for personal advice at our regional offices.

We also want to help our local businesses to grow by providing our members with training, informational sessions, networking and other activities.

We have also created a network of websites, newsletters and magazines to keep AHi Western Cape members up-to-date on a daily basis.

We provide services to businesses in all regions of the Western Cape province:

1   West Coast
2   Cape Peninsula
3   Cape Winelands
4   Overberg
5   Central Karoo
6   Garden Route & Klein Karoo


We support all businesses and entrepreneurs

AHi Western Cape strives to increase and promote the economic development of this beautiful and thriving province. In order to do so it is essential to support all businesses and entrepreneurs. We aim to improve the local economy through supporting businesses in the Western Cape.

We provide these local organisations with a platform and resources that will enable them to grow and achieve their full business potential.

We also want to help our local businesses to prosper through providing our members with training, informational sessions, networking and other activities.

We have 61 local associations of businesses which reflect our efforts of supporting all businesses and entrepreneurs.

We strengthen entrepreneurs

But behind the name ‘AHi Western Cape’ are about 5 000 entrepreneurs and a lot of motivated employees. Each and every one of them serves entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. A solid team. Entrepreneurs can always contact us whether you are a self-employed, professional or SME manager.

AHi WC On Social Media

We are active on all social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. AHi Western Cape is a solid network where knowledge and experience are central: information sessions and events for which AHi Western Cape members can participate for free or at a low cost. And numerous benefits such as model letters, useful tools and discounts. In short there are 101 reasons to opt for the affordable membership of AHi Western Cape.

Realizations Of The Past Years

Day after day entrepreneurs get involved, they keep their business straight and contribute to the growth of the economy and prosperity. That deserves support. That is why AHi Western Cape continues to fight day after day for the interests of entrepreneurs.

AHi Western Cape Projects

In cooperation with various partner organizations and Business Chambers, AHi Western Cape develops various projects around specific themes and / or target groups. Some examples include:
∙ Handmade in Western Cape / South Africa
∙ SME Contact, the operation for growth companies
∙ Job channel, for employers with vacancies The training offers at the AHi Western Cape Entrepreneurial Academy

With Strong Advice And Information

AHi Western Cape members are informed entrepreneurs. Every day they can go for personal advice via the free AHi Western Cape entrepreneurial helpline. They keep their finger on the pulse with publications, AHi Western Cape magazine, the advice letter, the AHi Western Cape website.

Guarantee For A Rich Network

AHi Western Cape is a solid offering of info sessions, courses and events. Entrepreneurs learn. But they also strengthen their network, they make contacts and feel more than ever that they are not alone. Because AHi Western Cape is everywhere close with a network of 61 business chambers in the Western Cape.

AHi Western Cape Research

We all must defend the interests of entrepreneurs in the Western Cape. With its figures, knowledge and statistics, AHi Western Cape tries to substantiate positions.

Who Controls AHi WC?

AHi Western Cape is run by a Board of Directors and entrepreneurial volunteers, supported by staff members. The structure is as follows:
∙ Chairman and managing director
∙ Board of Directors
∙ General meeting
The board of directors and the general meeting are composed of representatives from the regional offices, other sector organizations, and cooperating organizations / business chambers.
The current chairman and managing director is Dr Willie Cilliers. He is assisted in the day-to-day management by a management team.