A rich network to ensure optimal business collaboration

Our network of business chambers and members facilitates a network of entrepreneurial partners throughout South Africa.

We communicate and share through digital focused networking databases as well as regular events where members and fellow business partners meet and engage. This network also ensure effective communication with the government, other local organisations and national forums.

Core values form the basis of networking

We define a value system to ensure effective communication between members and also with other organisations. Fairness and equity, accountability, continuous improvement, as well as teamwork and collaboration are part of these values.


Voluntary commitment by members and participants based on loyal support and engagement.


Complying with acceptable standards as set out by professional business practices.

Good governance

Complying with statutory and operational requirements to ensure business integrity.


Continuous re-evaluation towards relevant value propositions to satisfy market and consumer needs.


Alignment with ethical values with a focus on what is fair and not at the expense of others.